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Catan Histories: Settlers of America – Trails to Rails



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Catan Histories: Settlers of America – Trails to Rails is a historical-themed board game designed by Klaus Teuber, the creator of the popular game Catan (formerly known as Settlers of Catan). It is part of the Catan Histories series, which takes the core mechanics of Catan and applies them to different historical settings.

Trails to Rails is set during the westward expansion era of the United States in the 19th century. In the game, players take on the roles of settlers and pioneers, competing to build the most successful railroad network across the continent. The game combines elements of resource management, trading, and route building.

The goal is to connect cities and settlements with rail lines, establish shipping routes, and transport goods to earn victory points. Players must gather and manage resources such as wood, coal, cattle, and gold to construct rail lines and develop their infrastructure.

Trails to Rails introduces several new gameplay elements compared to the original Catan. For example, the game includes event cards that add historical flavor and provide various advantages or challenges. It also features train stations that players can build to gain advantages in resource trading or railroad construction.

The game incorporates a mix of strategy, negotiation, and luck. Players must carefully plan their routes, make trade deals with other players, and adapt to changing circumstances and challenges on the board.

Catan Histories: Settlers of America – Trails to Rails offers an immersive and thematic experience, combining the popular mechanics of Catan with the historical backdrop of westward expansion in the United States. It is suitable for fans of Catan who are interested in exploring a unique historical setting while enjoying familiar gameplay elements.