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Cartographers. A Roll Player Tale


Tipas - Šeimos
Sunkumas - Vidutinis
1-100 Players – Best 3-4
30-45 Mins
Amžius 10+
Designer – Jordy Adan
Publisher – Thunderworks Games


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“Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale” is a board game designed by Jordy Adan and published by Thunderworks Games. The game is set in the same universe as the popular board game “Roll Player,” also designed by Jordy Adan.

In “Cartographers,” players take on the roles of royal cartographers tasked with mapping out the unexplored territories of the Kingdom of Nalos. The game is played over four seasons, with each season representing a different round of play.

During each season, players draw shape cards from a deck and use them to fill in spaces on their individual map sheets. The shape cards feature different types of terrain, such as forests, mountains, lakes, and villages. Each season introduces a new scoring condition, encouraging players to focus on different aspects of their maps to earn points.

At the end of each season, players score points based on specific scoring conditions, such as the number of forest clusters, the largest continuous group of lakes, or the presence of specific shapes on the map. After four seasons, the player with the highest total score is declared the most skilled cartographer and the winner of the game.

“Cartographers” is known for its simple and accessible gameplay, quick setup, and engaging puzzle-solving mechanics. The combination of drawing shapes on the map and strategizing for optimal scoring creates an immersive and enjoyable experience for players.

The game also includes a unique “monsters” mechanism, where players draw monster cards that are used by their opponents to disrupt their maps, adding a competitive and interactive element to the game.

“Cartographers” has been well-received by both casual and strategic gamers, and it offers a different experience compared to “Roll Player,” despite sharing the same thematic universe. The game’s variability, quick playtime, and high replayability make it a popular choice among board game enthusiasts who enjoy map-making and strategic challenges.


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