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Camel Up: Off Season

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2-4 žaidėjai
60–120 Min
Age: 13+
Complexity: 3.21 / 5


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“Camel Up: Off Season” is a standalone game inspired by the original “Camel Up” board game, designed by Steffen Bogen. In this game, players take on the role of bettors placing bets on camel races taking place in the off season, when the stakes are just as high and the competition is fierce.

The gameplay revolves around predicting the outcome of camel races, with players betting on which camel will win or lose a race, as well as on the overall winner of the entire off-season circuit. Each camel has its own unique abilities and attributes that affect its performance during the races.

Throughout the game, players use a combination of strategy, luck, and deduction to place their bets wisely and outmaneuver their opponents. The game features colorful components and engaging mechanics that capture the excitement of the camel racing world.

“Camel Up: Off Season” offers a fresh take on the original game, providing new challenges and opportunities for players to enjoy. It’s a fun and competitive game that appeals to both casual and experienced gamers alike, offering plenty of replay value and excitement with each playthrough.


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