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Battletech Clan Command Star


Destroy your opponent’s mech in this wargame

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The Clan Invasion is more than a test of martial skill, it is also a battle for the destiny of mankind! As a Clan commander, your destiny awaits. Will you safeguard the Inner Sphere, even from your fellow Clans? Or is it your legacy to rule?

Each Clan Star ForcePack contains five high-quality, fully assembled OmniMechs or BattleMechs, five Alpha Strike cards, and five pilot cards.


  • Clan Command Star: Dire Wolf, Stormcrow, Shadow Cat, Mist Lynx, ir Summoner
  • Clan Heavy Striker Star: Gargoyle, Hellbringer, Mad Dog, Ice Ferret, ir Viper
  • Clan Fire Star: Warhawk, Nova Cat, Cougar, Kit Fox ir Fire Moth
  • Clan Heavy Star: Stone Rhino, Supernova, Marauder IIC, Warhammer IIC ir Hunchback IIC
  • Clan Support Star: Night Gyr, Arctic Cheetah, Linebacker, Battle Cobra, Black Lanner
  • Clan Heavy Battle Star: Turkina, Kingfisher, Ebony Jaguar, Crossbow, Hunstman
  • Clan Striker Star: Vapor Eagle, Conjurer, Horned Owl, Incubus, Piranha
  • Clan Ad Hoc Star: Kodiak, Pack Hunter, Hellion, Fire Falcon, Howler
  • Clan Elementals: 5 Elemental Points