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Balkan Railways


Take your business and your rails into the Balkans.

Type – Strategy
Complexity – Medium
3-5 Players – Best 4
90-120 Mins
Amžius 14+
Dizaineris John Bohrer
Leidėjas- Rio Grande Games

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The Balkans have long been a land of mystery and strife. The promise of the newfangled railways has brought unusual co-operation to the leaders of the disparate states of this land. Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Bulgaria, along with the powerful rulers of the Ottoman Empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, see the immense bounty to be realized with railways connecting East and West. Steep mountains must be overcome, and isolated valleys must be reached to attain the goal of a true Orient Express. Merchants see the vast potential wealth to be gained and work to fund this dream and become rich themselves. Hooray for the Orient Express!

Balkan Railways, players are rich merchants and powerful leaders investing their wealth and status in building railroads in this forbidding land. Loans are taken and serviced, opportunities must be recognized and seized. Savvy fiscal manipulators will come out on top in this no-luck economic knife fight.

Note that while Balkan Railways was originally released as an expansion for Iberian Railways, this edition of the game is a standalone design that includes everything you need to play.