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Agricola (Revised Edition)


Rūšis - Strateginis
Sudėtingumas - Sunkus
1-4 Žaidėjai – Geriausia 2
30-120 Mins
Amžius: 12+
Designer – Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher – Lookout Games

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Agricola is a popular strategy board game designed by Uwe Rosenberg and published by Lookout Games. The Revised Edition of Agricola is an updated version of the original game, incorporating changes and improvements based on player feedback and further development.

In Agricola, players take on the roles of farmers in a rural setting, working to develop and manage their own farmsteads. The goal of the game is to build the most prosperous and efficient farm by cultivating crops, raising livestock, and expanding infrastructure.

The gameplay of Agricola revolves around a worker placement mechanic. Players take turns placing their workers, known as family members, on various action spaces to perform different tasks. These actions include plowing fields, sowing crops, collecting resources, building structures, and expanding the family.

The Revised Edition of Agricola streamlines the gameplay, improves the rulebook, and includes updated components for a more enjoyable and accessible experience. It also introduces a revised card deck, ensuring a better balance of occupations and minor improvements, which provide unique abilities and advantages to players.

Agricola emphasizes strategic planning and resource management. Players must efficiently allocate their actions and resources to meet the needs of their growing family, while also striving to score points through various means, such as cultivating a diverse range of crops, raising different types of livestock, and constructing specialized buildings.

The game features a dynamic scoring system, with multiple scoring opportunities throughout the game and a final scoring phase at the end. This creates a sense of progression and competition as players strive to optimize their actions to score the most points.

Agricola is highly regarded for its depth, replayability, and immersive theme. It offers different strategies and paths to victory, accommodating various playstyles and providing a satisfying and engaging experience for both casual and experienced players.

How to Play